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Parker Grade 1 Lifter Action 12 ga Hammer gun, SN22911 made in 1881 with 30" Twist barrels bored full and full.  Number 2 frame - weight ca. 7 lbs 8 oz. A very attractive gun that has been carefully cleaned and still retains vivid case colors in hidden locations. Good mechanical order – ever so slightly off face with crisp locks. The pistolgrip stock has been repaired, rechecked, and nicely refinished (lop 14 1/4"; D@H 3"). Original steel butt plate. The action is bright and clean without rust, pits or corrosion. Barrels have very good Twist pattern, no dents and perfect bores. A very attractive gun and a good shooter. ___ $1200 (pics)

Remington Lifter Action Model 1876 Grade 1. Serial No. 5046.: Marked on the top rib “E. Remington & Sons, Ilion, N.Y.” Since it was made in 1877 or 8 it is an antique and requires no FFL for transfer. This is actually a transition gun form model 1876 to 1878. The serial number is in the M ’76 range with all that model’s standard characteristics (lifter action, pinned forend, Hepburn’s 1875 patent locks, flat hammer faces, and non-sliding top plate on the action between the balls). However, like on the Model 1878 there are no vestigial flash shields. It is a 12 gauge with 30” full choke bored barrels. The gun is mechanically excellent and cosmetically an even patina with no rust. Bores are bright with a little roughness. The stock has the original steel butt plate, has been cleaned, and a professional repair made to the head. Checkering is worn but clear. This is a difficult model to find and would make a fine addition to your collection of early American Shotguns and it is ready to shoot.  ___ $900 (pics)

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CONDITIONS OF SALE: On receipt of your check or money order (and hand signed license for non antique guns) your gun will be shipped in no less than five days. The gun may be returned for any reason within five days - no questions asked, providing it is in the same condition as when shipped. Please include $25.00 shipping and handling. 

531 Main Street, PMB #518
El Segundo, CA 90245-3060
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